Visual Cryptography

Visual Cryptography (VC) is a realization of the Secret Sharing Scheme, proposed by Naor & Shamir in 1994. In VC the secret is visual information, such as a binary, a grayscale or a color image, the secret image is hidden into the several shares and each of them is assigned to one participant. If participants, who belong to a qualified set, stack their shares, the secret image can be revealed visually; otherwise the secret image can not be revealed.

This program, VC-GUI system, is freely downloadable and provides threshold VC schemes (2,n)-VC, (3,n)-VC and (n,n)-VC, proposed by Naor & Shamir. The VC-GUI is coded by Matlab ver. 10, if you have Matlab ver. 10, you can run it correctly. In some earlier versions of Matlab (for example ver. 8), you will find some difficulties in Graphical User Interface (GUI), but all functions, such as “genVC3n.m”, “genVCnn.m” can be run correctly.

To run the VC-GUI scheme, double click “StartNS.m” file and run it in Matlab environment.

Download: zip