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Libros que se pueden consultar en el acervo bibliotecario de la MISTI.


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Akhgar, Babak, Staniforth, Andrew y Bosco, Francesca Cyber crime and cyber terrorism. Investigator's handbook
Alcorn, Wade, Frichot, Christian y Orrù, Michele The Browser. Hacker's Handbook
Anson, Steve, et al Mastering Windows netrork forensics and Investigation
Barski, Conrad y Wilmer, Chris Bitcoin for the befuddled
Bazzel, Michael Hiding from the internet. Eliminating personal online information
Bdeir, Ayah y Richardson, Matt Make: Getting Started with littleBits
Briggs, Jason R. Python for Kids. A playful introduction to programming
Cappelli, Dawn, Moore, Andrew y Trzeciak, Randall The CERT guide to insider threats. How to prevent, detect, and respond to information technology crimes (theft, sabotage, fraud)
Chell, Dominic, et al The Mobile Application. Hacker's Handbook
Cutcher, Dave Electronic circuits for the evil genius
Dang, Bruce, et al Practical reverse engineering. X86, X64, ARM, Windows kernel, reversing tools and obfuscation
Drake, Joshua J. et al Android Hacker's Handbook
Dwivedi, Himansu Hacking VoIP
Eagle, Chris The Ida Pro book. The unofficial guide to the world's most popular disassembler
Elenkov, Nikolay Android Security Internals. An In-depth guide to Android's Security Architecture
Graham amd Kathy McGowan 101 spy gadgets for the evil genius
Hadnagy, Christopher y Fincher, Michele Phishing dark waters. The offensive and defensive sides of malicious e-mails
Hale Ligh, Michael, et al The art of memory forensics
Harrington, Michael y Cross Michael Google earth forensics. Using Google Earth Geo-Location in digital forensic investigation
Iannini, Bob Electronic gadgets for the evil genius
Karvinen, Kimmo y Karvinen, Tero Make: Getting Started with Sensors
Kim, Peter The hacker playbook 2. Practical guide to penetration testing
Landbridge, James A. Arduino Sketches. Tools and Techniques for Programming Wizardry
Luttgens, Jason T., Pepe, Matthew y Mandia, Kevin Incident Response & computer forensics
Molloy, Derek Exploring Beaglebone. Tools and Techniques for building with embedded linux
Monk, Simon Hacking Electronics. An ilustrated DIY guide for makers and hobbyists
Monk, Simon Make your own PCBs with EAGLE
Monk, Simon Programming Arduino. Next Steps. Going further with sketches
Monk, Simon Programming the BeagleBone Black. Getting started with JavaScript and BoneScript
Monk, Simon 30 Arduino projects for the evil genius
Monk, Simon Arduino + Android projects for the evil genius
Polstra, Philip Linux Forensics with Python and shell scripting
Seitz, Justin Black hat python. Python programming for hackers and pentesters
Seitz, Justin Gray hat python. Python programming for hackers and reverse enginieers
Shimonski, Robert Cyber reconnaissance, surveillance and defense
Shostack, Adam Threat modeling. Designing for security
Sood, Aditya S. y Enbody, Richard Targeted Cyber Attacks
Street, Jayson E., Sims, Kristin y Baskin, Brian Dissecting the hack. The V3rboten network
Wassom, Brian D. Augmented reality law, privacy, and ethics
Wrightson, Tyler Advanced persistent threat hacking. The art and science of hacking any organization
Zetter, Kim Countdown to Zero Day. Stuxnet and the launch of the World's first digital weapon